December 16th, 2004


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After watching the rest of RotK and the behind the scenes stuff, my love of all things LotR has return with power. The Viggo/Billy kiss was not all that surprising, yet very much like them. I just love how they play on the fact that they love each other so much that they can mess with us slashie LotR fans heads and just throw us curve balls every so often. It's great, it really is. I really should read those books ... yet, I find the movies to be enough for me. I know, it's bad of me to think that a movie could be better than a book, but I'm not saying that. The same thing with Harry Potter, I think of the book and movie as two separate entities. I'm sure I could enjoy the LotR books, but I could barely get through the Hobbit. There's just SO much to remember, and it's so steeped in fantasy. At least HP is somewhat rooted in the real world. I don't have to figure out if Narcil is a persons name, a city, a horse, or a sword.

Anywhoo, I made cheesy meatballs with my mom today. And I got to sleep in, which meant around 9:30 or so.

Hey, who in the Chicago area is going to see Lemony Snicket tomorrow? I wanna go, but I've got no one to go with! My friends have all deserted me while I live in the burbs. I don't think Ash wants to see it, but I could be wrong ...

FORTH EORLINGAS! *takes down an oliphunt all by myself* swt
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boredom has struck once again! This site is great for those who want to make SG-1 outfits! They tell you the exact name of the stuff! I may just end up doing this ... just a good costuming link in general. kick ass! now I can make my own hakama! And I don't have to pay $40 to get an authentic pattern!¤t=Vampire_Hunter_D.jpg toshimasa!!! You look SO pissed and/or sad in this pic XD LOL ha ... everyone has red eyes in this pic, except I'm really the one that's suppose to have red eyes! ... and I realized that maybe I should've put some make up on my hands ... such a lovely backdrop ... buffet table! Yes! An action shot in my Boggart Snape outfit! With Keidy wearing about 50% my stuff :D

PS - for anyone trying to contact me on Honey Vanity, my cel phone died while I was online on it and so it's stuck. Besides, if ever I'm on that SN from now until Jan 3rd, it's usually on my cel. I'm often on TheIncompleteMe on my dad's laptop if ever you need me. I stole the SN idea from Diru lyrics. If I knew that they were talking about an aborted baby fetus, perhaps I wouldn't have chosen it ... but it's too late now, and it means something completely different! :O
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