December 15th, 2004


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My mom is in LOVE with the new show Lost that happens to have my favorite Hobbit in it, and yet when I was playing RotK:EE, she didn't recognize him! I was like "There! That guy! That's the guy that's in your favorite show!" She could hardly stand to watch the screen. She's not a big fan of the violence ... or of fantasy. She said "Someone had to be on a lot of drugs to come up with a story like this ... "

Anywhoo, nothing much going on here. Still the same old shit. I got a Dr's note for perscription toothpaste today from the dentist ... never knew there was perscription toothpaste. I guess my teeth are just that bad o_o

I plan on having a LotR day when I return to the apartment. Watch all three extended versions, with the addition of some alcohol just for fun ^_^

I can't wait until all 7 HP movies are out ... 14-17 hours of straight british boy hottness ... oh I will do it. Anyone doubt me? XD
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