December 13th, 2004


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Either the mods on have decided to slack off or they just have SO much bandwith to be wasting (or there are no rules? ) ...

As cute as it is to post pictures of your kitten laying on the floor and looking all cute for the camera, how exactly does this count as cosplay? Or, how about the pictures of people playing DDR, NOT in costume. I can understand a profile normal shot of you OOC isn't too bad ... but when you're just eatting up all that space with very BAD quality images of non-cosplay related stuf ... well, if I were a mod, those pictures would've been gone and slap a nice "THIS IS NOT COSPLAY" sticker on their face.


With all this free time, and no job, you'd think I'd maybe ... START some of my insane cosplay ideas. I've now got about ... 3 more lined up, including a new set of PoA version Slytherin robes, Gryffindor Quidditch robes/armor (not the raincoat idea from PoA, but the one from the first film), a Japanese Quidditch World Cup outfit (the guy with blue hair, I've already forgotten his name ... ), and fixing up the last bits of my default Snape outfit (which is at the apartment, so I dunno when that'll get done ... )

Can I get a "whoop! whoop!"?

"Is there air?! You don't know!"

"You've smoked yourself retarded!"

(name the movies I randomly selected these quotes from and win a cookie!)
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