December 9th, 2004


How cool is this ...

Alan Rickman is going to be in a film directed by Tykwer Sniffs!! Ok, you're asking "WTF is Tykwer Sniffs?!" He did Run Lola Run! I think it's pretty sweet ... my favorite actor and one of my favorite directors coming together. It seems like an odd film, but I'll be sure to go see it anyways.

I'm at my mom's work right now, waiting for her to come back so I can take her home. I've recently learned how to knit and I'm knitting up a storm! I'm about 90% done with a Slytherin scarf that my mom loves. I'm going to make her one. And I just bought this rad burgundy/wine colored yarn and some of this black and white fringy stuff and I'm going to make another scarf. The best part of it is that I don't even really like scarves! Except for my Gryffindor one. But now I have a Slytherin one! WOOHOO!

I was thinking, about that WB sweepstakes thing. If I actually won it (which I know I haven't) I would give each of the kids something. I'd give Dan my picture I drew of him, I'd make either Emma, Rupert, or JKR a scarf ^_^, and then I dunno ... maybe some more fanart?

I've been so bored at home without internet. I mean, I've taken up knitting! Jeez!

Alright, well I'm out for another few weeks. I should really start on my cosplay projects. I was thinking about starting Willy Wonka here shortly. The redish/burgundy faux velvet stretch stuff is on sale for the holidays.

Oh, and I'm sure that_one_chick might like to know that I plan on going as the creepy faceless Anubis at the August Stargate SG-1 con next year ^__^ I can't wait. I did want to do Carter for a while, but the fatigue thing is ... not something I want to sew. Anubis on the other hand, is awesome. He's like a sparkly dementor! >D

Uh oh, mom's caught me! Gotta go :D