December 5th, 2004


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Doing a little online research, I found out that Lincoln Towing Service (the guys that towed my car last night) are one of the worst towing companies in the state. Complaints have been filed for people parked semi-legally, there's no wheelchair access to the building to pay to get your car out. And apparently they have a thing for Corvettes, whether or not they're parked legally. Fun times!
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The \\
Last Cigarette:yesterday
Last Alcoholic Drink:a week or so ago
Last Car Ride:-_-
Last Kiss:o_O
Last Good Cry:yesterday ... but I dunno if it was necessarily good
Last Library Book:uhm ... that wiccan book I got for my HP paper in freshman year o_o. It's all internet now
Last book bought:Book 1 Series of Unfortunate Events
Last Book Read:9.9
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Spiderman 2 IMAX
Last Movie Rented: ... I can't remember. it was about 2 years ago
Last Cuss Word Uttered:FUCK
Last Beverage Drank:apple juice
Last Food Consumed:japanese candy
Last Crush:Johnny Depp
Last Phone Call:Ashley, calling to ask me how I was
Last TV Show Watched:Stargate SG-1
Last Time Showered:I'm about to take one now, actually
Last Shoes Worn:uhm ... my merrel's?
Last CD Played:Japanese trance CD
Last Item Bought:Edo sushi
Last Download:a Saiyuki anime music video
Last Annoyance:my towed car
Last Disappointment:that I didn't go kereokeing
Last Soda Drank:Code Red
Last Thing Written:Red
Last Key Used:d
Last Words Spoken:oh em gee
Last Sleep:about 20 minutes ago?
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Moose Tracks
Last Chair Sat In:my computer chair
Last Webpage Visited:LJ!

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