December 4th, 2004


Finally, something SHOCKING to report in my LJ

I hate the city of Chicago.

I was sitting here, playing Katamari Damacy. And I hear a car alarm go off. It's going off for a rather long time. Suddenly, I realize, "Wait ... that sounds like ... my car alarm ... " and sure enough, I look out on the balcony and my car is now sitting in the alley, and a tow truck is slamming it against the trash bins. I grab my keys and race out there, yelling "STOP WAIT DON'T TOW IT I'LL MOVE IT!" There was a guy standing there watching, and I'm like "Please don't tow it, I don't have the money!" and he says "I'm not the one towing it ... " and then he looked to the driver, "Are you towing it?" and the driver was as heartless as they come. "$150, 4882 N Clark Street ... " that's all he said. And drove off.

My car just got towed, with my wallet in it. Now I have to pay a $125 towing charge, plus a $25 per day charge, even though it's only going to be there for maybe another hour. It was in the building parking lot, but you need to pay $200 a month for the spot. I wasn't there more than 3 hours.

And you're wondering why I'm here, posting this on my LJ instead of getting my car back, right? Well, I'm waiting for Keidy and Sawako. They're the only way I can get my car back. There's no fucking way I'll call my parents. I want to deal with this on my own. I don't need to thrust this on their backs. They've already been through enough today, what with cleaning the house.

I'll get it back, we'll get out of the city, go hang at Ashley's house, maybe get dinner. I was going to go kereokeing, but I don't know if I'm really up for that right now. Perhaps go see a movie. I still need to see Finding Neverland, and The Incredibles. And Sawako and Keidy haven't seen my house, nor really my area. Maybe I'll give them a tour. I just need to feel happy right now. Or, perhaps, when I get my car back ...

If they damaged my car ... *hiss*

And I was doing so well in Katamari Damacy, too.
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