November 23rd, 2004


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I never thought I'd be so friggin' bored!

SG1 has saved me from boredom!

But only for the next 20 minutes.

Susu and Die are somewhat getting along. Die has rubbed against her and Susu's taken it for a bit before she hisses or lashes out with a claw. The two have played with the same toy and seemed to get along, but Susu still has her hissy fit moments.

And NO I haven't gotten the PoA DVD. I think I left my wallet at home, but my checkbook is here ... but I don't have my ID, sooo ... it's pointless. But that's ok. I was planning on getting it when I went home anyways. And then I can get PotC Special Edition, and perhaps an Alan movie ... all treats for my birthday. ()
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