November 21st, 2004


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>__< I threw out my back today, goddamnit is that annoying. I feel like I'm an old woman. I can barely move, it hurts to walk, and it's hard getting in and out of bed.

Anime Sound & Vision was pretty neat. I got to see a Tea Ceremony, the youngest Taiko drummer group in the world, and Kamui, the 3 men behind the sword fighting from the first Kill Bill movie. I took photos, but you can't really get good action photos with my digi cam, which kinda sucks :( but I got a few 30 sec videos of them. It was the first time I've ever seen styalized sword fighting, and it was really neat.

OH EM GEE Only 2 more days until PoA DEE BEE DEE! :O!

And we now have 2 kitties. Jen brought one of Susu's daughters, named Die chan, back from the burbs after AS&V. But Susu didn't like that. She was hissing at Die and attacking her, when all Die wanted to do was play :( Stupid mom, why are you attacking your baby? Well, maybe it's because she's jealous, or because she doesn't know who she is.
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