November 12th, 2004


And then I saw a thug gangster and was like "YO MOTHA FUCKA WEEEEEEEEE!"

Ok, what a fucking insane morning! But in a good way ^_^

First of all, this asshole in a big semi was trying to get down the alley outside our balcony, and his massive horn was fucking loud and he kept doing it. Someone in the apartment building leaned out their window and screamed "STOP THAT FUCKING HONKING!" and the guy just kept doing it. He couldn't get down the alley because someone else had parked their van in the way. Fucking truck drivers, don't they realize that there are like, 4 apartment buildings around him? And this was at a little after 8 this morning ... what a dick.

The adults chance at winning a cool HP thing was just beyond awesome. Definitely going to enter that every day until the 23rd ... I know I won't win, but I was thinking of things I could make for the kids if I did win. Like, personal photoshopped images or fanart or something cool. I don't particularly like meeting a celeb and getting something from them (like autographs ... pictures are another story), because it's what they've already given that makes me their fan. So I would rather make something in appreciation for what they've done for me. Most importantly for the HP kids and JKR herself.

I get to class. 15 minutes later, teacher still hasn't shown. We all collectivly decide to leave. Wow, what teh suckage. I walked alllll that way ... but the good side is that I'm back home!

After I left for class, I found out that ER is filming at the corner of Fullerton and Sheffield on my campus. That's pretty neat. As I came upon my apartment building, there was a small scene gathered at the corner. Apparently, some old cutlass car had run into this building. It's left front end was completely inside the lower window of the building. There weren't any fire trucks or ambulences or nothing. Must've just happened.

And just now, my loverly friend jusui posted an amazing picture in her LJ of the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster. And DEAR GOD Willy Wonka looks staight out of Kozi's closet. Red velvet coat, black top hat with red accents, cane, redish wig ... I instantly decided that this would be my next cosplaying venture. I just can't help it. Red velvet does something to me *grin* I plan on wearing it, no doubt, to the premier of the movie, but perhaps somewhere else, like maybe TWH, ACen on Sunday, who knows ... WizardWorld? Maybe.

And all of this in a matter of only a few hours ... that's insaaaaane.

And everyone should DL the song "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" song by Relient K ... awesome song ^_^
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