November 7th, 2004


Thought of the day

There's only one good thing I can think of at the present time that is good about the Christmas season...

white fudge covered oreos *drool*
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Highlights and dislikes of HP PoA PS2 version (so far):
1.) You can play as all three kids, because each one has things they can or can't do, i.e.: Ron can't ride Buckbeak, Hermione is the only one that can fit through small openings, Harry's the only one that can jump, and they each get their own special spell (Hermione gets repair and freeze, Ron gets light, Harry ... doesn't get anything cool so far!)
2.) You get to ride on Buckbeak
3.) Ron and Hermione talk a lot to one another when you're wandering around as a group ... Harry seems to stay pretty ... quiet ...
4.) Their mouthes and jaws MOVE when they talk! Much better graphics
5.) They don't say the spell aloud when they cast it
6.) You get to fly Hedwig, and play owl races
7.) Collecting beans will get you something cool and useful, instead of Quidditch armor and a Firebolt ...
8.) You can actually go all the way down to the dock where the 1st years arrive by boat!
9.) They actually have the grounds and awesome courtyard set up JUST like the movie, really nice. Including the bridge!

1.) No quidditch
2.) Buckbeak is only used to gather potion ingredients, you can't fly him anywhere else
3.) Ron and Hermione talk a lot ...
4.) The music kinda sucks
5.) Not enough pixel Snape, and no pixel boggart Snape
6.) The Twins aren't in it nearly enough.
7.) My cat has bad breath .....
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