November 6th, 2004


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Oh man, that was the best job evar!

I went to a Starbucks employee art gallery tonight. Jen, Sawako and I did coat check. It was just the three of us, until some lady came up and asked if she hired us. No, she didn't. Aparently there were 3 other people that were suppose to work there. When the one 'leader' arrived, Jen and I realized it was a kid from highschool, who happens to now go to DePaul. Strange, isn't it?

Well, to make a somewhat long story short: the 6 of us made $120 in tips, about $20 a person. Someone that was checking in their coat gave us a box of crayons to color with, and so we drew on napkins and sold our random drawings for $1. I made about $20 on those drawings! It was so AWESOME! jacksparrowx I made a cute little SD Jack holding a bottle wearing a shirt that said "RUM!" on it, but someone bought it. Maybe I'll do another one, just for you.

Someone else bought a bunch of sketches out of Jen's sketchbook. In fact, the girl took all of Jen's sketches ... all of them, including one she was going to use for her fashion illustration class, and a really neat Kyo one. It made her sad.

So, overall, I earned $20 in tips, $20 in drawings, 1 bottle of strawberry twist vodka (free!), 1 bottle of white wine (free!), free t-shirt, and 4 Ikea place mats XD

When the party was over, the caterers and bartenders just ... up and LEFT. So Jen and Sawako went upstairs and just yoinked the alcohol. We should've gotten more ...

The appetizers were awesome, soo good. But I'm starving, I haven't eatten ALL DAY. We should go out now, but I'm terribly tired. In fact, I should be sleeping right now ...

Overall, tonight was a kick ASS night. Wewt.

It didn't start out too well though. Susu woke Jen and I up this morning by seizuring. It made me sad, but this time I didn't freak out. I just held her and kept her from shaking too much. It made me sad. She's doing alright now. Probably slept all day.

Oh well, BED TIME! *conk*
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