November 4th, 2004


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Sorry to all my friends that IMed me last night. Jen was hogging my computer writting her Reno story for class. I missed quite a lot of you! ;_; Especially you DANIEL! ( jacksparrowx, right? e.e; ) *cry* I miss you SO MUCH WHERE THE F*CK HAVE YOU BEEN?!

He wrote me a love poem in IM. Here it is:

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
POTC special edition 3-disk dvd is out now,
and I miss you.

*gigglefit* I didn't know there was a Potc special edition O_o Must go buy!! I wonder what's new ...

Well, I'm having massive cramps and aching mini migranes. And I have my photo project due today, and I need to run to Central Camera to get matte board and dry mount. Grrr. Why couldn't they have a camera store that's CLOSER TO ME?! I have to go all the way into the heart of the city to get this shit. It's going to take at least an hour, but I'm hoping less. Because then I have to finish making one more print (because I decided I'm not going to use the other one), spot tone all the nasty dust nyets on my other prints, and then mount them, which I'm hoping will only take an hour or two ... except if EVERYONE AND THEIR DEAD AUNT FLO IS MOUNTING AT THE LAST MINUTE LIKE ME.

Wow ... wee ... why have I never been to the official PotC site? Isn't that like, blasphemus of me?
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