November 3rd, 2004


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You know you've been DLing too many Gackt songs on a non-Japnese text supported WinMX when you know ŒN‚Ɉ§‚¢‚½‚­‚Ä means Wasurenai Kara without even having to DL it ...

*edit* Ok, so Hotmail picks it up in Japanese, and I lied. it's not Wasurenai kara O_o ... but I have no clue what it is ... lol GO ME!

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Since everyone can't HELP but talk about that little outcome that went on in the country today, I guess I should say something.

I've learned my lesson and I will be voting next year. I was too lazy this year, and it appears that I've only decided when it was too late. I figured that with all the bloody "OMG VOTE OR DIE" shit hitting up Mtv and the few other channels I happen to watch that the outcome wouldn't be so bloody close this year.

But hey, look on the bright side. He can't run again, right?

Meh, I've been saying for years that I want to move to the UK. Any one of my friends currently living there have some squatting room?

I still have my blister. What do I do to get rid of it? Jen says to just poke it with a pin and it'll go away :O but that's kinda skerry for me. Don't think I can do that. Maybe if I'm lucky, Susu'll just accidently claw it or something ...

Since I came earlier than 2 to make up my jap rel quiz, and because I have at least 40 minutes to waste before class, I bring you a Collapse )

Oh, and in anime news, I just read the notice on that Samurai Champloo ep 18-26 aren't going to be airing until JANUARY. I dun think I can wait that long ... so I'm putting off DLing 16 and 17, because I heard they're real cliffhangers ... *bites fingernails*
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