October 31st, 2004


There's ... bacon outside ...

Wewt, I did something Halloweenie tonight! Iola and I went to Ryans for some Thumb presentation watching. Once that hillarity was over, we watched Ju-on. Yeah, after all the "I'm so not watching it, I'll get scared shittless" I've been saying, when everyone around me has seen it and is telling me the scary parts, it wasn't too scary. Not only that, but Ryan and I decided to pull an MST3K on it and made it absolutly hilarious!

And the insane commentary on The Blair Thumb totally makes up for that Thumb presentation being my second to last choice.

I had much fun tonight, but I am SO friggin' tired.

I'm gonna go down a claritin, and a nyquill, and hope Kayako doesn't crawl up under my sheets ...

Oh, shit, it's Halloween ... uhm ... well then, let me be the first to say it then ...


I'm so getting dressed up and just walking around all day tomorrow dressed as the "Kiss Me I'm a Pirate" Jack ... anyone going trick or treating to... night? I wanna go!

Oh yah, and some silly drunk young adult walked by me on the way home from Ryans and exclaimed loudly, "I can knit better than that!" and pointed at my Gryffindor scarf. I didn't make the scarf, so I didn't take any offence to it. I just laughed at him ...
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Oh well, it looks like I'm not dressing up today. I'm just gonna go drink my strawberry daiqueri and go back to bed ... meh.

It'll be the first year I haven't gone trick or treating, too. Damn, 20 years.
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