October 22nd, 2004


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Wewt! Anime Reactor TIIIIME!

I'm up way too early, earlier than I would like to be, but I can't seem to sleep all that well. I have a little cough, and I'm really excited.

Be on the lookout at fansview.com tonight for me in my debut wearing of "Neville's Bogart." I decided to name it that because it sounds better than "bogart!Snape" besides ... how do you say the ! in there? It's more of an internet thing ...

Edit: I don't think Kevin is going to be at Reactor ;_; Oni-Con looks much bigger and it's this weekend too ... he's probably there ... ;_;

I'm hoping this con'll be a lot more relaxed than ACen. I hate to admit it, but ACen was fucking hell. Don't get me wrong, I did have a good time, I'm super proud that we won, but the stress level was just ... terrible. Hopefully Reactor will make up for ACen. I'm wearing one of my most comfortable outfits. It's going to be nice, I just know it.

So ... those that are going, see you there! xD
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