October 20th, 2004


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Had a terrible nights sleep, thanks again to Susu. I'm too achey to walk to class this morning, and I'll just have to make up a legit excuse to the teach. He already knows I'm not going to be around on Friday.

I just read a really sad entry on someone's LJ. A friend of theirs posted news that the user had died and it was just really ... sad. If I ever died, I wouldn't know who would inform my friends online, and even my parents would think it's a mute point. But it really does matter to me, all you guys LJ and AIM-wise. My parents just don't get that. And they're too stubborn to ever do so.

Anyways, enough of that eerie shit. I'm not dying any time soon ...

Maybe I should tell my teach that there was a power outage in my building and my alarm clock was reset (I don't use an alarm clock ... I have an internal one, which is damn annoying when you want to sleep in on Saturday!) That should do it ... meh, I don't really care. I'm going down hill in that class, I need to work on shit at home for it anyways ... maybe ...
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I just saw the most hillarious, and definitely intense interview session on a techTV show. They were talking about, I'm guessing the new SW Battle game or whatever, but the interviewer and interviewee were like, in the middle of the battle, and they had people in costume shooting nice computer generated laser blasts and ATSTs were walking around and troops were flying past the cameraman. It was really damn cool! I've never seen such a ... cg integrated, well played out interview ... if it even was an interview and not just a cool talk about a video game ... heh ...

No Boba Fett's thou ... just imperial officers and stormtroopers.
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Because I wanna be JUST like Bunny ...

Here's another friend list scrolling post from EL KOZIBORT (god I'm wacky ...)


Best. Comm. Evar! I wish I could join, but I don't want to bother the mods ... I'll just friend it. Such awesome SNUPIN


Hate/Love Letters - Snupin: Sims Style

I nearly pissed my pants laughing at this. I WANT SIMS 2 PLZKTHNXBYE


Edit: Highlight entries ... I don't care for long fics, but these bits amuse me greatly!
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My Native American name, as given by Baby Sephiroth: Types with Fists

His name that I adequetly gave him was Thunder Mouth xD

I had a shepard's pie! A traditional one! OMG. It was good. Really. So any of you other HP people that haven't tried one and wondered what it is ... it's like, ground meat with a heap of potatos on top with shreded cheese and au juis. It's gud! ^_^;

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