October 18th, 2004


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So, anyone in the general Chicagoland area having a good Halloween party? I was thinking of having one myself but Jen is all "I don't wanna ..." but I've never really thrown a party. I dunno what to do, what to offer people. I was thinking it would be a BYOB and perhaps we'd be able to procure a PS2 and play games, or maybe I'll have my Gackt Sixth Day/Seventh Night VCD by then. I need decorations too, so far all I've got Halloween-y is my 99 cent tomb stone and my eyeball lights e.e;;

Tank might be having one, and Jen's school always throws a dance of some sort.

I forgot my vulture at home, so I dunno what I'm gonna do. Anyone have suggestions as to where I could find a vulture plushy sort of thing in time for Friday? e.e; I found this crazy vulture hat on eBay that I thought was super cute. But it was about $15 and wasn't exactly the right thing I was looking for ... besides eBay, anyone know of any places that sell a wide variety of plushies? -_- I'm gonna kill myself over this convention, of course I would wait until the last minute to get costume bits together ... isn't that like, a tradition?

*sigh* I should be more worried about school and how I don't think I'm going to finish in time ...

And I think Susu is enjoying her new jingle balls a little too much ... good thing though, that means she'll get tired more easily and not annoy me all night.
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