October 14th, 2004


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Because I was too tired and LJ was being overwhelmed last night, I didn't post any of my usual stupid rantings. So, here it is instead, when I should be on my way to the dark room to work on photo stuff and get started on the data portion of my consumption journal (wee!)

All of my classes seemed very ... out of the ordinary yesterday. *pause for kitty luvin* My Food Culture clasas got out a good 10 minutes early because we'd all finished with our keyword excersizes (we had a surprising few this week)

I left my keys in the dark room, so that was perfect. I had extra time to go get them and then rush home to work on my Jap Rel midterm paper that I hadn't started!Eric was working on his prints so I talked to him a bit, looked at his prints, then had to leave. Got home, Keidy slept the night.

I think Susu wants to be a Sith. She's playing with my Sith Infultraitor lego ...

I told Keidy to go get us lunch while I worked on my paper and she DID! She rocks :D

I only did about 3.75 pages worth when it shou.00000000000000000000000000000000000 (kitty on the keyboard, she's really restless this morning ... ) It should've been 5 pages, but I didn't care at all. I don't even think I did the paper right. Oh well. There was a 'Kendo demonstration" in class, but it wasn't so impressive. A little petite Japanese lady came to talk to us and she'd been studying kendo for 20 years O_o Impressive! A girl in class put on the hakama pants and kimono top and armor and helmet and stuff and it looked really cool. (Keidy called me last night to tell me that my hakama pants just came in the mail! Wee!)

Left class, went to St. Vincent church to do some sketches for Drawing class, but that ended up being more fun than I thought. Chris and I talked about men and how stupid they are, Matt taught me the Nigerian word for dick, which is "oy" and I cracked him up every now and then. We listened to the choir practice and the organist play a bit of music for us.

Now, having grown up in a house with a dad that has an organ and plays at least 5 times a week, the organ sound that filled the church was very soothing and nearly had me homesick. It was .. odd. I never really openly admit that my dad's organ playing was nice or that I enjoyed the music like, say I do JRock. But it did make me feel at home ... somehow. It wasn't even that the man was playing songs that my dad was, it was just the sound that I recognized.

Well, we were all burnt out at about 7:45, and Laura (my teach) let us go an hour early, which ROCKED. Jen called me and said that something happened to my keyboard. She said that it shorted out and started to beep. Water somehow managed to get inside it. Keidy said that she unplugged it and turned it on its side and water just POURED out of it. Even when I got home and picked it up, water was lightly dripping out of it. Now, I do have drinks stationed around my computer, but most of them are in capped bottles, except for one glass of water, but it was still full from when I left it. I suggested cat pee, but it didn't smell like it or look like it. It was certainly water. Keidy and Jen went ahead to Best Buy and bought me a new one ... because Keidy wanted to read her Kenshin fanfic and she couldn't until she got a new keyboard XDD

But the pressing question is ... just where the HELL did the water come from? There's no leaks in the ceiling, Susu couldn't have like ... held water in her mouth and dumped it in the keyboard ... unless Jen and Keidy are being lairs and just accidently spilled water in there. I wouldn't be mad, to be truthful. Accidents happen. But I don't like it when they lie to me. It makes me uncomfortable and puts my trust of them in jeopardy.

So that was the biggest conondrome evar.

Now, to get motivated, to go to the print room, finish excersize 2 and begin picking out negatives for project #1, which got pushed back to Tuesday because Chi Jang had to go to ... Canada for a family emergency. *shrug* That was cause for celebration in class, Eric and I had a little celebratory toke out behind the back alley. Good times!

And hopefully I can finish all my prints today so that I can go spend the 2.5+ hours on this data stuff for my Consumption Journal. Wee, Midterm week is phun. Not only that, but now I have to make a vulture, sew buttons, and get tulle for boggart!Snape in time for Reactor, get a pattern and fabric for the Jin top that the eBay purchase didn't quite match, find my old glasses and paint them for Jin/Kaoru (get rid of the turtleshell stuff on the frame), possibly work on making a baldric and buckle for Jack and looking for a better flintlock pistol ... all before Reactor next weekend! YAY!

BTW - Anyone going to Anime Reactor that doesn't have a place to stay that I generally know well enough, we have room in our hotel room for 1 or 2 more ppl!
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