October 11th, 2004


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today = official day of hell

I've never wanted to be more anti-social, anti-productive, and anti-conscious in my life.
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Man, I am HYPER!

I had a chillichino before Drawing today and that really kicked in. I was almost falling asleep in Jap Rel today because we were watching a video about zen gardens. Pretty zen music = sleepy.

But after finishing that esspreso laiden drink, I was making the most obscene cock references in class, talking during the critiques and being super clingy on Chris and Jack.

And after class got out, I totally whored Jack into driving me home in his new Subaru XDDD and the first song that started to play on his CD player as he turned on the car was an awesome remix of Alice Cooper's 'Poison' that ... reminded me of Colleen ... but then again didn't ... because it was a techno remix, and it made me think happier thoughts.

Stargate SG-1 time! It sucks that I have class on Stargate Mondays. I get to miss all the earlier episodes. Poopie.
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