October 9th, 2004


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Well, Keidy, Sawako and I had a fun day at the Sewing and Quilting Expo at the Donald E. Steven's Convention center (I still like to call it Rosemont)

They had a nice fountain set up and working. It was pretty.

I went dressed up a bit, wearing my jrock skirt, my Transylvanian University black and red shirt, Jen's fraggle lock dreds and my BFB's. A little eye make up, red contacts, and I was set. Ho boy was that unexpected for all the old people wandering about the convention. As well as the pet industry convention going on right next door. This one guy with a silly mustache just stared blatantly at me. Some of the ladies at the booths refused to talk to me, not many wanted to meet my eye. But then there were those select few that thought my skirt was very pretty, some asked about the dreds, and one lady actually loved my contacts and asked if I was going to be in the fashion show. I wanted to be, but I have a feeling it would cost me :P

I bought Keidy her Birthday presen, a Beginner's Guide to sewing. We were gonna go eat at the spinny restaurant at the ACen hotel but decided against it, in favor of going to Knuckles the sports bar instead. Cheaper food, bigger portions. Yay.

Came home, feet hurt, very tired. But now Jack is here with his PS2 and the new Mortal Kombat Deception game. It's aaaawesome. Lotsa fun shtuff.

Jack wants to say something: Okay, so I dont know what to talk about. And I'm not very good at talking. And I'm bad at typing. So I'm slow at talking and at typing, So this is going to take a long time, unless I dont write much. So I'm going to keep this short. ...Yesterday I didnt do anything.

...I had work. I started at 7am. Yeah, that sucks, huh? Everyday its like that for me. I work outside all day and walk around towns. ...and yesterday it rained, so walking around all day in the rain is not fun. ...and my boots werent water prood that day so I was walking around in in wet socks. Miserable day it was for me. It was friday and it wasnt even a friday that I got paid. ...so that made the day suck more. I got ot of work at 3:30pm and then went to my knife fighting practice. It was sparring day and my partner took it a little to serious. We were sparring in a dark room and I didnt see him throw one of his attacks and I almost blacked out. ...crazy, but I just kept sparring. When that was over I went home showered up and played the new Mortal Kombat. I got it tuesday when it came out, but wasnt able to play it until friday. I had a pretty busy week. But like Julie said, its an aaaawesome game. So I played that till the night ended. It ended with me sleepting on the couch.

So then I woke up in my bed. Yeah, so somewhere between me sleepin on the couch, and waking up in my bed, I did some sleep-walking. ...possibly some sleep-other things....likes sleep-drinking? or some sleep-going to the bathroom? I'm pretty sure I did some of the going to the bathroom...that would be my best guess for what I did other than just sleep-walking. Interesting stuff. So when I woke up I did what anybody else would, played more Mortal Kombat. Yeah, the Konquest mode is aaaaawesome. I got further in that mode and then I was interupted by my sister who needed me to drive her somewhere. I almost got into an accident, but I'd rather not talk about that. Lets just say some people dont know how to drive. I was in the left hand turn lane and some lady tried to run into me. On purpose... yeah. So then I went back home and did what anyone else would do...I got ready to go to the city to see Jennie ...So I took the train down to the city. ...a normal ride down to the city, nothing unusual. Then took the bus from Union Station to Julies place. ...that was pretty crazy. First 3 older ladies in their late 30's or early 40's maybe and a older dude in a pinstripped suit got on. I guess the dude was drunk and following the women. He was swingin on the bars that people hold when they have to stand. Yeah, so I tried to keep my eye on him while he was on the bus..cause he was lookin like he was ready to do something crazy. Then 2 of the 3 ladies got off and he got off with them. I looked out the window and he was still following them or just walkin in the same direction...but then I look over at the other lady still left on the bus and she says to me,...that guys a weirdo. I hope they're going to be ok. I just shook my head and said yeah. but...I hope those ladies are alright. ok...then some crazy old man got on the bus when the bus was packed. He shouted, CAN I GET A SEAT. So my cousin got up and let him sit. He started to talk to me. He was telling me about how someone stepped on his toes a while back and sued the bus company cause his toes were broke....he just rambled on and on about that. Then he wanted me to thank my cousin for getting up and giving up her seat. The he asked me if I was Korean or Filipino or What kind of Asian I was. I told him I was Filipino. and she says, You know waht? and I says, What? then he says You dont want to fuck with those Filipnios, then I says Yeah!. Then when I get off the bus, he says again...it was good talkin to you, I wouldnt want to Fuck with you. ...I was like ok old man.

Then I got to Jennie place. and this is where my story ends....it ends with us playing Mortal Kombat and writing this journal update.

So tommorrow I plan on going to the Art Institute for a few hours to work on a project for my Humanities class. Its really gay. But I gotta do it. Then I might go and see that Shawn of the Dead movie,.,,that looks good. What do you think?....

Awesome to the MAXX!
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