October 6th, 2004


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In order to win an ESPN sponsored party in your house for some ... football games or something, one has to go to a ... jewelery store to sign up ... why does that just not seem right?

Sickness update: Going back to class, hope I don't get sick on the way there so I can make it to my other two classes later on today. It's suppose to get warmer, so I should be okay. All I have is an annoying cough, one of the worst things to have when you go to class.

Talked to a friend of mine I haven't seen since the beginning of summer, that felt really good. He's been busy (like me, HA!) with school and work. But we talked a lot, it was great.

I was RPing with someone last night that just ... refused to use the word "was". Either English isn't her first language, or she's got something against the word. She would only use "were". I should've said something, but she's a good RP (other than that) and I didn't want to piss her off and have her run away. Eventually I'l tell her ...
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*snrk* Goddamnit kyolicious! Why do you have suck at sex so much? Gawd ...

Nothing to report ... other than Susu seems camera shy. We can't seem to get a picture of her jumping like, 6 feet in the air after her turtle ...

My lips are chapped ... OMG THE WORLD IS GONNA ENDDDD :O
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