October 5th, 2004


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I feel as sick as a dog, and Susu really isn't helping me get better. Even though she was banned from the bedroom, that didn't stop her from crying all night, which also kept me up ... along with a clogged nose and teary eyes.

I have a field trip in photo today, and I really don't think I can go. Y'know how colds get worse before they get better? I'm hoping this is worse part and tomorrow I'll be better. I've already used up all my sick days, and I have a feeling my teachers don't believe that someone can get sick for a week ...

The one thing that peeves me the most is the whole 'doctor's note' thing. If I'm sick, I know it. I don't need a doctor to tell me to eat some pills, drink lots of water and sleep. That would be a huge waste of money on a doctor's bill. Besides, I've grown up with a great nurse mom, so she's taught me how to take care of myself when I'm sick. I'm lucky that I have a few teachers that I've had before and that kinda understand. But for those that say "Even if you're sick, you have to come to class" ... what? Am I suppose to DIE in the cold fall weather just so I can listen to you talk for an hour?I'd stand a much better chance of getting better and coming back to class if I rested for a couple days. I know they're just saying that to keep people from skipping class, but then it hurts the people that really do get sick.

I'm sure I've ranted about this. But ... blah, I just want this to be over ...

I think a shower might be good for me right now. Clean me of germy germs *nod*
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Whoo ha, looks like I'm finally getting better. I had a good 5 hour nap, which I suppose I needed, having not gotten that much sleep the night before with annoying nose snot. But now I've got a headache, a slight fever, and a small cough. All signs that the sickness is going away.

Nothing much to report other than I slept a lot of the day, watched Animal Planet because there was just NOTHING ON TV, slept with Susu, surprisingly not getting bothered by her. Called mum to update her on my situation. I got kinda worried earlier on today when I felt really really sweaty and gross. I still kinda do, but it's better.

I hope I'll be good enough to go to class tomorrow ... I should be, if I dress warmly ... yay Gryffindor scarf! XD

please, please get better body ... I dun like being teh sickies

And I have to go to the zoo to see if they have any vulture plushies to buy -_-
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