September 30th, 2004


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Why do I not want to go to class any more? Especially my photo class? I should think photo is one of my favorites. Maybe it's just because I have a hard Monday and Wednesday that I feel I need a day off instead of going to my class? *sigh* It really needs to stop. But it's not like I can really work in my photo class. The school isn't going to give me $100 to buy more photo paper, and I feel super super bad to ask someone in class for some ... and it's not like I have $100 to spend on another pack ... it really is my fault that I lost that paper, and it's killing me inside.

On a good side, I got another Samurai Champloo soundtrack. Yay for more mellow music! And I also found the perfect hakama and kimono set on eBay for my Jin costume. This weekend I'm hoping to go to Lenscrafters and look for a new pair of glasses, ones that will fit well for Jin and Kaoru. I need a new pair of glasses anyways. The Harry Potter ones are getting old, not to mention about ... 2 people recognized them as the actual glasses, and not just 'Harry Potter'-ish ones. *shrug* And Jen found me a nice, big color photo version of a le ciel kozi cosplayer in her hat book, and now I realize that Kozi's got like ... wings on his head, and it's not just a hat or something ... that's a little more cooler than a hat methinks. And I know just where to get the feathers for these wings.

But let's not worry about that. 8 months ... Reactor is in less than 1 month ... I should go to the zoo to find a vulture plushie ...

Oh, and last night while walking home from class, I saw a port-a-potty that was named 'Oui Oui' XD
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New LJ background! wewt! :D


Edit: This does NOT mean that I'm not still a fan of Snape. Yes, I still have my tattoo. Yes ... I still love Snape. That is all ...
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*kicks maintenencing!LJ in the proverbial nuts*

Just when I'm the most bored and restless, LJ has to go all 'temporarily shut down due to maintenance' on me. Well BAH I say to that, as I post another meaningless rant.

I went to and found out that my best match is this kid ... Drew Fuller ... I have no idea who that is, but he's apparently on Charmed at one point and something called "Black Sash" and on the O.C. *rolls eyes* He looks kinda cute, not really my type ...

I also got James Franco (the son of the Green Goblin from the 1st Spiderman movie :O ), Lucas Black (all I can remember is that he's the kid in the X-Files movie that gets the creepy oil under his skin and swimming in his eyes ... ), Christian Coulson ( WEWT VOLDEMORT!!), and Andruw Jones, who is aparently a sports person *shudder* Strange.

Well, I'm somewhat compatable with Johnny, being on the rather very low end of 'intellectual' which is understandable. I'm a dumbass.

Oou! They have Johnny Depp games! Boredom NO MORE!
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