September 25th, 2004


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Jen and I both lost our eBay snipes. She was going for this awesome pair of ankle high boots that looked like men's dress shoes. They were REALLY nice. And I didn't get my Kaoru glasses. I might end up just getting perscription ones, but I'll have to ask my dad about that. I'm sure he'll love that I want to get rid of my Harry Potter glasses. But! Alas! I'm not getting rid of them. I'm just getting another pair *nod*

Jen found her Toshiya pleather pants. I saw some nice belts and gloves for you if you want, Bunny. The army surplus store had the German officer riding pants, but my calves are freakishly too big and wouldn't fit through the holes. So ... how the fuck do I get rid of my calf fat?! That's impossible, I know it ... of course, if I was motivated enough, I'd try to loose weight to fit INTO the pants but ... it looks like I'm going to have to make my own pair. Jen said she was going to buy a pair for R&R Gackt, so I'd just model mine off of that. *sigh* I found a nice vest, but it was brown. I went to a couple of shoe stores, found a nice pair, but they were about $200 >< And they didn't exactly have my size. *grr*

Well, we do have a while ... so I shouldn't be so upset. But I do need to hurry up if I'm going to do Jin :/
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