September 23rd, 2004



Ok ... so, all that cosplay talk yesterday gave me a friggin' ACen dream. It wasn't in the same hotel, but a more open one, with MORE ELEVATORS *gasp*. We managed to get, like ... the super duper suite, the one that rockstars usually get. It's got 4 individual beds, a plasma screen TV, it's awesome. 22222222222222222222222 (Susu stepped on the keyboard XD ) So, I was the first one there, of course. Jen was still at home, she wasn't coming until Saturday for some reason. I look out on our balcony and see the sunrise ... I must be there really early! Well, I start to call people, first I call Bunny. But I guess she was using Beru's cel, because Beru picked up and was like "Bunny's not with me!" I somehow deduce that she's in traffic and go wandering around the hotel. I don't get very far, in fact I start heading down the escalator, and I see Fundy, General, and Beru. They're all dressed in jrock attire and I'm jealous. I go call Jen and tell her to come, she doesn't pick up. Ash is waiting in our room and she's watching TV. She's not in costume, and I walk past her, "Hey, your mom's here ... " she says and I go O_O WHAT. Indeed, my mom is there, looking at my costumes, smiling, so proud of me. I walk out onto our balcony, yet it seems that the balcony is broken. The railing is half gone, and the slope of the balcony is so extreme that if one where to step out onto it, one would surely slipp right off. Wierd. I get a call back from Bunny, she's in the parking lot and needs help unloading her car. It's started to rain, and she parked waaaay too far away from the hotel (damn you, Bunny!) And she has like ... dinosaur bones, and posters, and pieces of toast in her car that she ... apparently 'needs' for ACen. Then it kinda jumps to this new fangled escalator where the whole floor moves, and there's no windows or anything ... it's suppose to be for handicap people, so that they don't have to bother with doors or ... something. We get to the room, and Ash invited Beru, Fundy and General into the room and there was some indy jrock band playing in our room. I have no idea who it is, but other people are coming to see it, as if it was part of the con. And I turned to look back at the door and Gackt and Hyde were there and like ... looking upset that they couldn't perform, but these guys where. They left ... and kitty woke me up ...

It's gonna be a hot one today, not looking forward to it. I need to do laundry, and go to Border's to get a book ... and go to the store and get a new frying pan ... and get a haircut :O blah
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Ok, all this cosplay talk has gotten me into needing some way of sorting out what I know I want to do and what I think I want to do ... make sense? No ... ok ... then don't bother with this post. It's mostly for my own reasons.

Acen: Obscure Kaoru (most likely), le ciel Kozi (definite), Moonchild Sho (possibly), boggart!Snape (meh ... we'll see), teenage!Snape (not likely), Quidditch Harry (highly unlikely)

Reactor: Jack Sparrow (definite), EoD Kozi (perhaps), boggart!Snape (most likely), default Snape (maybe)

Halloween: cape for Chris, Jack Sparrow (definitely)

That is all ...
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