September 21st, 2004


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ohmygawdsotired will write up report tomorrow.

Edward Sparrow Trooper, aka Jack, aka Toby, YOU ROCK SO HARDCORE MAN I LUFF J00!

More explinations to come later :D

And no, I didn't buy the DVD. But I did see the BTS stuff on the 4th DVD. If anything, I'll go see Ep3 for the lightsaber battle between Obi and Ani.

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Wow ...

I really didn't know what to expect about last nights romp at Best Buy. We got there at around 10:15 and the line already wrapped around to the backside of the building. Ok, this is insane. But the first thing I see are Stormtroopers. A great many of them. Including one that was Jack Sparrow in a stormtrooper armor. So cool. He had the swager and the talk, and so I thought he was the Jack from WizardWorld. So I asked! And he was! Amaaazing. I took a small group photo, and then we waited in line.

Then more troops arrived. Another handful of regular troops, an AT-AT driver, Then comes and Imperial officer (who was a lady) then an Endor speeder driver (who was also a woman) then a X-Wing pilot, and BOBA FETT (w00t). Jen goes to see what's up and says that there's a Vader with a good lightsaber. The costumers walk around up and down the line, doing photo ops and the like.

I got my photo taken with a REALLY awesome Ben Kenobi. He was a real old man that looked like Ben! SO KEWL! I was getting bored so I told Jen to go as Sparrow Trooper if he was single, and she ended up talking to him for 20 minutes while I held our spot in line :/ She came back and said that his friend has the Sparrow coat worn by the stunt double that he got for $28,000. Yes, that's $28 grand. And Johnny's hat, for $8,000. O_O Lucky biznatches. Jen said he also got a kiss from him *jealousy*

He also said he has a Boba Fett, Vader, Imperial Guard, and Edward Scissorhands outfits o_o. Craaazy. I asked one of the stormtroopers about how much they spent on their outfits. They said around $700 >< I WANT A STORMTROOPER OUTFIT! But then I'm thinking I want to do like ... Han, or perhaps Boba. They're a little less complicated. I still have my Jedi robe, and it wouldn't be much to re-make the gi part. Maybe I can be one of the crazy Jedi from the 2nd movie ...

Anyways! The line started to move, more people were walking by the line with the trilogy and extra goodies, and people in line where like "I'll give you a buck for your Trilogy!" Haha, funny -_-. Then these two ... huge mechas arrive from across the street. Nooo idea what they're from, but they're both completely made out of recycled materials, like plates, cups, plastic tide boxes and traffic cones. No one knew what they were, they were only around for about 5 minutes and then left. Jen went to go find out what they were and she got their e-mail address. She's using her azn skillz to teh maxx! (damn her ... )

We get inside, and it's not what I expected. In fact, it's more. They have areas set up to play the new game, watch the three movies, and one spot dedicated to the bonus DVD, which Jen and I sat down to watch the EP3 preview. The fight scene between Obi Wan and Ani looks really really amazing, and to watch them create a Darth Vader helmet was very intriguing.

We walk around for a bit, Jen decides she's going to by The Fifth Element. We're getting ready to leave and Jack appears, "I'm about to go get my hands ... " and we're like, 'wha?' But soon after, he appears with this long black box that looks like a shotgun case and opens it up to reveal HIS EDWARD SCISSORHANDS HANDS! :OO They are SO cool. Very very cool. He puts them on, poses. Makes Jen knee down in front of him and he starts 'cutting' her hair. I get a picture, and then a stormtrooper wanders by without his helmet on and I ask if I can put on his helmet. He does and Jen gets a picture. SO COOL OMG I WANNA BE A STORMTROOPER!

It's about 1:15 in the morning by then and we tell Jack that we've got to leave, and he escorts us out. He gets sidetracked by his other Stormtrooper buddies and Jen and I start to walk away. As we're walking, Jack is following us. He comes back to say goodbye and spends another 1/2 an hour talking with us about his 'stume, and just random babble, while cars pass by and see Edward Sparrow Trooper and honk and gawk. It's hillarious! I show him some cosplay pics of Jen and I, tis a jolly good time. He gives us each another hug, (Jen gets a kiss again >< Not me ... but then again, I didn't ask for one ... should I have?) and we're off.

My feet are fucking killing me. I have no idea why they hurt so much. I did a lot of standing last night, and then the walking. It was paaaainful >< We're back at the apaato by 2:15 and I sit down to watch the original trilogy (the digitally remastered kind, the good kind) and about 15 minutes into it, I'm like "OMG can't stay awake" So, I sreep.

Pictures to be uploaded to a yahoo photo account when I get the chance!
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