September 17th, 2004


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Kitty totally owned me last night. She made me get up in the middle of the night with an annoying nose drip and watery eyes. It's hard to sleep when kitty is sticking her butt in your face, pawing at your boobs and eatting your blanket. I finally tried to take charge and kept shoving her off the bed every time she jumped onto my bed, and it finally worked. But it was too late. I woke up late and can't make it to class, because I'm also feeling rather shitty from the bad sleep I got. I think Susu is gonna stay outside tonight, not on the balcony, but just out of the bedroom.

And Susu is going crazy again. She needs some ritalin ... those ghost people/cats are just everywhere!

*sigh* ... I feel like I've done no homework yet ... but it's not like I've had homework to do. It's only been a week, and all my classes have been lectures. I still need to get another book. Maybe I'll return the first two and get the one I really need for right now ... shit, I should've done that on the 14th >< so I could've gotten full price for it. GYAAH!

I think ... I need to go back to sleep ...
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