September 16th, 2004


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anyone have an account on Hollywood Stock Exchange? ( It's a pretty cool idea. You buy your favorite actor/actress and movie stock and see how well they do on a daily basis. Although you don't trade actual money, it's still a neat idea. It would be good for kids to learn how to ... use the stock exchange ... if they want to grow up and be traders ...

I finished off a role of B&W film on nothing but teh kittah. My dad thought he'd show me how to load film into a camera (like I haven't done it before) and proceeded to waste a good 7 pictures with the cap on -_- He thinks he knows what he's doing, but sometimes I just ... know he's getting old and senile ... which sucks, because I love me dad.

I think I'm gonna try rollerblading to class today, despit having to bring my camera, and if I fall it would be really really bad ... I might end up bringing my bike to class too. I haven't really rollerbladed in a while, so I'm sorta scared to do so. But biking is no problem. I can do that easily.

It's really hard to sit in a computer chair with wheels and wearing rollerblades on your feet. It's nice to have hardwood floors, too! I can practice my blading in here! >D
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