September 15th, 2004


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There is just so much to read after not having the ability to go to my LJ all summer. It's kinda sad. Sorta. I missed LJ, but then again, I'd pretty much forgotten about it until getting internet recently.

It's fucking hot, and I usually don't mind it. Except when you have to walk 30 min to campus in the humidity and you don't exactly have summertime clothes. I hate shorts, and for some reason my capris pants aren't fitting as comfortably as they used to. This is making me very upset. I need to really start eatting better. Like ... salads ...

My dad tried to get me to order a salad from Wendy's when we were out shopping for school stuff. I said I didn't like salad, and he said that I had to start liking it. Why should I have to start liking something? I know salads might be healthy and all that shit, but there's better tasting stuff that's just as healthy. I just have to cut back on soda and fries and cheeseburgers. I've pretty much given up on soda, I don't eat more than a few fries, and I get chicken sandwiches. It's a start. But I just don't want to be told that I have to eat salads when it reminds me of rabbit food. I don't really like to eat anything that is green. Guacamole, salad, grapes. I don't like green stuff. I dunno why. I like Mt. Dew thou ...

I tried to post pictures of Susu, but my DePaul ftp isn't working ... or I've just forgotten how to do it. I want everyone to see our kitty. She's only about 1.5 years old, so she's still a kitty, unlike my cat at home that is nearing 14. We gave Susu a bath a few nights ago and, as friendly as she is, she HATED the bath. She finally calmed down, Jen was the only one that got hurt (haha!) Then I thought, if Susu was rather bad at taking a bath, I would HATE to see what my cat would do. He's never had a bath, because I didn't know better and my dad says "Oh, he cleans himself, we don't have to do anything ... " and that's not true. It only gives him more hairballs. Dad probably tried to wash him and he flipped out so dad gave up, so he's never had a bath. It's also the reason that my parents are probably allergic to him. I've lived with Susu for 4 days now, and I've had barelly any sneezing. But whenever I play with Cinnamon for only a few minutes, I'm sneezing and feeling really icky. It really is sad that Cinnamon has had such a bad life. Sure, he's lived in a big house, but only in the basement. When I'm at school, he's barely touched. Mom hates any kind of pets. Dad likes dogs. Cinnamon was my cat, but I didn't know how to take care of him. I feel really bad that I've mistreated him all this time, and it looks like there really is no reversing it. I know that I won't let that happen to Susu. Jen might not be able to take Susu when we leave the apartment and I'm more than ready to take her, if I get another apartment next year or ... I don't know.

I've blabbed on enough. I need a shower. I feel ... gross
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