September 8th, 2004


w00t w00t

First day of classes, just got out of my first class "Food & culture" the teach is funny but the class sounds complicating. So I dropped my 19th cen art class and took up ... beginning drawing. I've never really had a drawing class yet, so I'm hoping I'll learn some fundimentals and such, that perhaps I don't know by just doodling.

It looks like I'll be in beg. photo with a lot of friends, which should be lotsa fun.

NO internet in the apaa-to until Sept. 14th, WHAT EVER WILL I DOOOOO?!?! *faint*

I spent a good 3 hours on the phone with Comcast to try and get the self-install deal to work, but they said because of the promotion deal we're getting, some cable guy has to come out in a week to bring a cable box to hook up ... they can't just ... send the friggin' thing in the mail and just let me hook it up ... they must think I'm an idiot. Well, they have to assume that I don't know what I'm doing ... it's their job to charge me an assload to have some guy come out to the apartment just so that they can rip me off ... grrr ...

But this is the good stuff: my apartment rocks, it's so nice to share a place with someone you know, and who shares the same interests. Like, my old roommates would never allow a nearly nekkid picture of Gackt on their bathroom door ... nor a 6 foot tall Johnny Depp poster in the 'dinning area'.

Time to go, w00t
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