June 27th, 2004



Well, there isn't much new going on with my life. It's mostly all just INSANE Home Depot working. 40 hr work weeks = suck. But something kinda cool happened yesterday.

I was at work, it was very slow, I had AIM on my cel and turned it on. And out of the blue, Cindy IMs me. It's the first time I've heard from her in a long time, wonder why she decided to IM me? Well, we talked, in as brief of cel phone IMing as I could, and she said she had to go. She was going out to Home Depot to get stuff. And I just said, somewhat jokingly "Come to mine!" and she says "Well, we're going to the one on 75th" and I'm like "HOLY SHIT THAT'S MY HOME DEPOT!" So, she came! I saw her and Jay and spent my lunch break walking around the store just chatting. It was totally cool to see them again and stuff. They live so close now, it's so awesome. I've been trying to call Jen and tell her, because I think we should get together for the 4th and go to the mall garage parking lot, a little hidden spot that has suddenly grown in popularity to the point where I'm gonna start charging others that come >O It's MY SPOT DAYUMNIT!

Well, I was gonna go back to get my computer, but I sorta forgot about Taste of Chicago. I don't even wanna go there right now -_- I'll just have to go either tomorrow or next Sunday. I work too much. Oh yeah, speaking of work, I'm on for the 4th, the cocksuckers. At least it's only until 6, so I have the rest of the evening to go fireworks watching.

I need to get sewing again. I've been on haitus long enough ... it's time to work on Jack and make him superb XD

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