June 25th, 2004



Drew's party last night was pretty cool. Had dinner at Rock Bottom, had a few Amaretto Sours and stuff, ate good shrimp and chicken pasta. Then the 21+ers decided to go to Dave and Busters, but Ash was over and she couldn't go, so we went back to my dorm and watched Secret Window AGAIN. Had a few more drinks, I got super tired and out of it, I don't remember what happened, but I left Alana to watch the movie while I crashed on my bed.

Woke up this morning, did NOT feel like moving out, took an hour to haul shit down into the basement parking garage while Ash sat and watched TV ...

Interview with the Vampire is on tee vee, w00t. And I have a DVD for Cirque de Solei between my legs :O

I am so hungraaaaaaay, FOOD MUST EAT NOW RAWR

Ok, I'm done making up a most useless post ... -_-

I need to RP...
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