June 24th, 2004


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Alright all ye pirates and Capn' Jack Sparrow fans out there. Check out this country singer's website and watch the video "Girls Lie Too" and you will NOT BE DISSAPOINTED

I swear to GOD Johnny is the coolest guy evar ... who else would woo a soccer mom ...

In other news: I put my Nokia through a laundry cycle and it died. So I got a replacement yesterday, a brand spankin' new Samsung E105 baby! Flip phone powaar! XD I've got a pirate ship as my wallpaper and a funky rendition of a song I remember hearing from the France movie at the French pavillion in Epcot XD

I need to figure out how to get my pirate ringtone put BACK on my phone. It's just not the same ...

Bought Secret Window. DVD player is too shafty to let me view the special features right now, but as soon as I get my computer home from my apartment then I'll watch it loads.

Time to go eat a hog dawg XD
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