June 19th, 2004


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What's this? Kozibot is still alive?

Why yes, yes I am! Imagine that!

I have been alive for quite some time (I really wonder if anyone noticed my dissapearance in the first place ... hmm ... ) just at home, on a 6 yr old computer that can't quite deal with LJ. At all. Boohoo ;_;

I haven't moved out yet, so Lucy is at school still, probably missing me terribly :P And I bet maguro is dead too, unles my roommate is cool enough to have decided to feed him ... which I doubt.

I found out my grades. 2 B's and a C. C in sculpture, because I didn't do that pointless paper that was, apparently worth 15% of my grade. Oh well. At least she didn't fail me!

Mum's doing a lot better. She had another attack last Thursday, and I've been with her, away from the Depot, all this week to make sure it doesn't happen again. She still gets tired rather easily, and I've taken her to about 100 doctor's appointments and such.

Last night, Jen and I played with Jen's new kitties, that Ann's birthmom's cat gave birth too not too long ago. We played with them for a few hours, and I already knew it was going to be a problem to keep them around. I felt the cat dander totally scratch up my nose. Oh well, I just hope I can OD on clariton pills and maybe I'll be alright :/

Uhm ... what else is new ... oh!

I have a new SN, for those that care. It's all Jack Sparrow x's fault, too! He's my new friend, and a most kick arse Jack RPer. He's so super nice, we spend days at a time just being our crazy selves in chat rooms.

My new SN is Vivala Bootstrap. For those that know me only as HoneyVanity, you might want to save this SN in case you ever want to talk to me again, because my home computer can't run more than one program at a time, so AIM is out of the question ><

Oh, and Jen brought me back from Swizerland a TON OF KICK ASS HARRY POTTER THINGS! Mostly just flyers and such, most in french, except for one magazine totally devoted to HP in German, with 8 kick ass 'megaposters' that I want to frame :D *so happy*

And as I type this, Baby is staring at me ... and he's kinda scary, because his eyes haven't been re-drawn in after his last bath ... <.< ...

Ok! Ok! I'm getting off! Time to go see Shrek2 XD
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