June 10th, 2004


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Wow, it was Johnny Depp's birthday yesterday. 41 years old. Live long and prosper, ol' Johnny!

Well, it looks like I broke my streak yesterday ;_; 6 times in a row, couldn't see it last night, too many people going too many different places, and no one wanting to see it with me. Even my doppleganger couldn't run out real quick and see it with me. Not to mention, I hardly have any more money on me. Possibly because I've spent $51 on this movie so far? Meh ...

Besides, I think I wouldn't have been able to sit through the whole movie. I've been falling asleep earlier and earlier lately, and waking up earlier.

I don't know what I'm going to do today, since it is my last day of freedom. Maybe I should write that sculpture paper, and I have to e-mail Nat all of my typography projects, because the hard copies he handed back to me (that I needed to give back) got ruined in the rain that we had at ACen, when we were packing up the car. Crit went well last night, Nat saw mine for the first time ever and said it was the best work I've done. Probably because I barely did any of the other projects e.e;;

I hope I get a passing grade in these classes ... if not, I am so hosed -_-;

Mischief managed ... nox!
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No John Williams at Ravinia.


What's going on? Seriously ... I can't remember the last time I had 1 person online on my BL ... this is just ... strange ...

Maybe my friends have all finally deserted me for the summer? ;_;
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Alright, so I was thinking ... someone sort this out for me ...

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Thoughts? Opinions? Self-help brochures? mental institution numbers?

Comment plzkthnxbye
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