June 8th, 2004


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Update on le mum: She got out of bed yesterday and walked the hall, just to get up and start moving again. Dad called me last night to tell me that she was being released this morning and he would bring her home and stay with her for the rest of the week.

In other news: I'm not wearing any pants.

My 2 finals went well yesterday, despite me having forgotten a part of each final, so I need to do that today. I forgot to make a storyboard of my booklet spread, and I didn't write the sculpture paper yet.

Booklet critique was so awesome. Tori brought amazing cashew chocolate bars, another girl brought popsicles, and then Jen brought godlfish. We sat around, ate our snacks, talked very very casually about our final projects, and then we were set free only an hour or so after class started. YAY! Phil and I sat outside, chillin' until my 5:45 final. We talked about seeing PoA, possibly today and stuff. I had to go put my portfolio in my car, and I think I might've left the doors unlocked. Lucky for me, I'm going back there later on today to hand in the bits of my project that I didn't have.

Sculpture final was awesome. My buddy Alex and his boyfriend put on an amazingly ballzy show for our class for his final project. Alex and Jon sat on a pedistal, completely naked with a crimson red sheet covering their naughty bits. O_O And they were makin' out. Oooh, it was a slasher's dream. They got top marks for being so brave and so groundbreaking. Afterwards, we were chillin' in the sculpture room, and I said "Time to go see HP again, this time alone *sob*" But Alex was like "Oh, well I've got nothing better to do. I'll see it with you!" And I was like "OMG REALLY?!" Alex is such a cool guy. He knows next to nothing about HP, and he said "What better person to see this movie with than you?!" So, we headed out together, grabbed a bite at Dominicks, ate it on the train ride to the theater while I basically summarized the 2nd movie for him (he said he saw the first one, but a long time ago)

So, we go see the movie, Alex is so enthralled by the slightly darker humor, and he thinks Remus and Sirius are cute together XD He loves it! I'm so happy! It was an amazing night, what a way to end my sculpture class!

Now, time to print out those storyboards and mount 'em. Then it's off to LPC to hand it in, get my 2 dimes from Rene, maybe go out to eat lunch with him after his final, and then off to the MCA to find a sculpture to write about.

Wow, I've got it all planned out! Rawk on.

Oh yeah, J Dawg and Phil, they better call me!!

Oh, and I've decided that I'm going to create an analog collage of all my HP ticket stubs and other HP paraphenalia XD It's going to RAWK!
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I'm at the computer lab at school and Rene has NOT called me yet. Nor has he shown up. WTF RENE I NEED MY SHIT RAWR!

Anyone know if it's a bad thing for me to steal fonts from the macs here to use on my home PC? I've been told sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe I'll try. I don't have anything to physically transport it tho, so I would e-mail it to myself. There's a font I want, one that's not free if you try and get it on the 'net, so I just want to steal it.

Oh, I am so bad *giggle*
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