June 7th, 2004




This is just here for my own purposes. But take a look if you want. They seem to have a really nice search engine for locating somewhat hard-to-find pictures ...

Going to see IMAX PoA AGAIN! At 7:30 ... hope the 'rents won't be mad if I come home late e.e;; I think I want to drive myself back to school anyways, I need to take my sculpture back, and move some things home I think. So it won't be an inconvenience to them to have to take me back into the city. Although I do need to go home as soon as I'm done with PoA again, because I need to hop over to that 24 hour kinko's and get my book printed ... I'm hoping that the later I go, the less people will be there, and the less time it'll take for me to get my book(let) done.

If not, I'm just going to have to go to the student center and get it ghetto-printed and binded ... which is not something I want to do, but the teach said, if you were low on funds/time, you could just do it that way. The project was for us to go to a service beareu and get experience working with professional ... stuff. I've had about 3 projects with this requirment and I've yet to go somewhere outside of kinko's or my school's copy center, or doing it half-arsed myself.

One of these days, I will make it to a service beareu (sp??)

And ... I think I'm going to be getting another tattoo ^___^ Maybe a date, or "Death Eater" written in below my Dark Mark ... or maybe the initials "A.R." or ... I dunno. I'm anxious to get another tat, mostly because of the one I just got.

Who knows. I should save my money, so I can see PoA a lot more ^_^;
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what the fuck, life.

My mom had a heart attack last night. She's ok now. They caught it just in time. She had open heart surgery last night to unclog one of the main arteries that had been 100% blocked.

Dad says that it explains why she's been so fatigued and out of breath and tired all the time. He also said that when you have a massive corinary, your heart pumps out enzymes to like, warn your body that something is wrong. Your usual enzyme output is 1.0, and my mom's was just a little above normal, 1.8. Usually, heart attacks produce 40 to 50 enzymes. So they really caught it just as it was happening.

My mom is ok, she'll make it. She'll be in the hospital for the week, my dad says.

On a little bit of a lighter note, I went to Ann's apartment yesterday and hung out with her almost all day. We saw Harry Potter together, we played DDR, we had ice cream. It was a good day. Until I got my dad's phonecall. *sigh*

Oh boy, I can't wait to start my week of finals now ...
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I'm going to ask Susy if I can get a tiny extension on my paper. I mean, it is only 1 page, but I have had NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER to get any sort of time at the MCA to find a sculpture to write about. Not only that, but ... I don't get this ... it's a 1 page, double spaced, 350-450 words. And she has this whole page of "You must have a thesis, conclusion, introduction, and have 3 sources" WTF? 3 SOURCES FOR A 1 PAGE PAPER?! GUH! STUPID ART TEACHER!

I need chocolate ... maybe some ice cream ...
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Wow, the Kinko's man was super fucking cool. He didn't charge me the $4.99/file fee for transfering my Illustrator files into PDFs! w00t! I still thought the book was going to cost me like, $30. But NO! He charged me only for the printing and stapling. A whole $1.65! So, upon spending my last $2, I'm not back at home, one finished product, one more that's so half-arsed it's amazing, and one paper that I refuse to do.

On another note, I just remembered a few mistakes I noted in my 4th viewing of PoA:

When Pettigrew is pulled away from Harry after saying the line "James would've spared me!" And he's all cowering with Siri and Rem pointing their wands at hime (who had whos wand? I got really confused about how the wands got all switched around ... and I thought that you couldn't use a wand if it wasn't your own ... ) he's got his hands by his face, and you can see the blue tape that they used to cover up his finger to digitally erase it in post-production. But they didn't edit out the blue tape!

Another thing: platform 9 3/4. It was NOT on Platform 9 3/4! You could see the platform 10 sign behind Mrs. Weasley as she's running to give Ron his Scabbers. Besides, it wasn't like in the first movie, where it was all covered and looked to be a separate station all together.

Also, if any of you haven't stayed all the way through the ending credits, you are MISSING OUT!! Oh, it is SO COOL. I've never seen such an animated closing credits in my life. It's all about the map, as you know. But there are certain things that are SO COOL IT IS WORTH STAYING UNTIL THE END! Like ... a pair of foot prints (not shoes) slowly transforming into dog paws XD and a pair of cat paws chasing rat claws XD And at the very end, Harry says "Mischief Managed ... Nox ... " and OMG IT'S SO SEXY.

I can't break my streak tonight! I just can't! I MUST GO SEE IT TONIGHT! I've been to 4 different theaters, seen many awesomly bad movie previews, and witnessed varying types of crowds, from extreme Potter fans, to "Who's Harry Potter again?" fans. It's just very interesting. When you see it with people that haven't read the books, they don't notice the humor that I do. *shrug* can't win 'em all.

HP meme!

Which character do you love?:Severus, Harry, Sirius, Remus, the Twins
And who do you love to hate?:Umbridge, Percy,
Who do you identify with?:Ron
Who do you hope will die in the next book?:Harry ... so they can rename it "Professor Snape and the Hogwarts Orgy"
Who's your favorite proffessor?:Snape, without a doubt ^_^
And student?:The Twins
Favorite character of all the books?:Snape
Which book held the most suspense?:Order of the Phoenix
Have you ever spent an entire day reading one of the books?:Well, I did, but I was at work most of the time. I did read during work though, so does that count?
Ever go out to buy one of the books at midnight, the day it came out?:Yes, OotP. First time I've ever gone to get a book at midnight O_o
And which book was your favorite?:I still love Prisoner of Azkaban, but OotP comes really close
Were you disappointed with the movies?:Not at all
Name one thing you liked about the movies:the actors that they chose for the 3 kid leads, and Snape
And one thing you hated:werewolf >
Which actor did you think was perfect for the part?:Alan Rickman as Snape
And who could have done with a few more acting lessons?:that token black kid in PoA ><
Who should direct Goblet of Fire?:Alfonso Cuaron! DAMNIT
What's Your Favorite...
Hogwarts House?:SLYTHERIN/Gryffindor
Family House?:Number 12 Grimmauld Place
Unforgivable Curse?:Crucio
Method of Travelling?:Apparating
Quidditch Position?:Beater
Quidditch Team?:uhm ... the one that the announcer guy at the Quidditch World Cup used to be on ... I forget the name now. Didn't he have like, a bumblebee on his robes? XD
Broomstick?:Clean Sweeps XD
Hogwarts Class?:DADA
Hogwarts Ghost?:The Bloody Barron
School of Magic?:HOGWARTS, DUH
Store in Diagon Alley?:Three Broomsticks
Flavor of Bertie Bott's Beans?:vomit
Wizarding Candy?:ice mice
Core Wand Item?:dragon heartstring
Magical Creature?:BEAKY!!
Wizarding Family?:Malfoys
Animagi Form?:Prongs
Quote from the Books?:I solumly swear that I am up to no good

Harry Potter brought to you by BZOINK!