June 4th, 2004



Just got back, thanks to the lovely Snape for driving Callie and I home (goddamnit, I feel so bad, I've forgotten your REAL name ... you were teh hawtness XD, did I tell you that? )

I had the most amazing night, met many new friends, took lots of photos, GOT TO HUG A RON, get frightened by dementors, and take lots of silly photos with Sevvie poo :D

I yelled "HARRY POTTER RULES!" at a TV camera. I got a few people asking me where I got my pants.

"Does my hair really look like that from the back?" BAHAHAAAA!

Soooo much slashiness, you have NO IDEA. And I really don't think it's at all because I am a slasher. It's more like ... it was just so obvious.

Alright, so I'm just starting to feel the super tired vibes. I nearly stumbled and fell out of my row of seats on the way out, and I managed to get TOILET PAPER stuck to the bottom of my shoe ... when I never once went to the bathroom -_- But here's my non-spoiler review

I'm not going to go into everything, because I really need to see it again. Now I'm not saying that because I'm a super duper Harry Potter FREAK. It was rich with imagery, so packed full with detail, in the good sense. Not in the Lucas "I own the sci-fi WORLD. I'm going to use CG like its nobody's business!" It's in a Cuaron "I'm really bringing out the magic" sense.

One thing that I should note to lehah, the music from the soundtrack is ... almost rarely used. There are a lot of parts with talking, but no music. Not at all like a Williams scored piece. Very unusual. There was also a lot of music that wasn't included in the soundtrack. Really nice melodies and the like.

My quips, ones that I can remember anyways ... the look of Moony, not likin' it. The fact that in the Time Turner scene, you can OBVIOUSLY tell that the three that Mione and Harry are looking at are their doubles, and not anything close to being the real kids. (petty, I know, but I'm such a fucker for CG detail, can't help it) Wow ... I can't really think of anything I found so terribly bad. Oh, the fact that they didn't explain MWPP. I'm just crossing my fingers, HOPING it will be a deleted scene on the DVD.

well, doesn't look like there are many spoilers. It's a good movie. I think if you haven't read the books, it's a good movie. A few plot holes (how did Remus know it was a map? Didn't bother to bring that bit up ... ), but I'm sure that the ratio of HP fans to non-HP fans is great enough that at least ONE of your friends is an HP fan and can fill in those holes ... well, at least most of you know me, and I know everything their is to know about the Potterverse ... just ask me!

But, I think the experience of having seen it with a big group of people that all share common interest just reminded me of Nimbus2003 *sniffsniff* I miss you guys so much. It was really great meeting new people, even if they thought I was fucking insane (which I am)

Alright, no more HP talk. Time to sleep ... and dream of riding hippogriffs ...

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