June 2nd, 2004


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O snap. My dream had REMUS in it last night *squee!*

I was at Six Flags Great America and I had snuck in without paying (well, actually I did pay, it's just that lilacwire's mom was holding my ticket, and she was at the opposite end of the park. I asked to borrow lilacwire's phone to call her mom, and I couldn't figure out her phone. You had to like, hold it sideways to your ear or something. I got a busy signal, so I hung up.

We decided to split up (me, lilacwire and a couple more random friends that I couldn't recognize) and explore the park on our own. I decided I wanted to ride The Demon, because it was my first metal roller coaster. I started to walk over to it, and I saw that they had rearranged the track. There was a section now that ran along part of the walkway. I thought, "hm, how dangerouns ... " and just as I was beginning to walk over it, the rollercoaster car had turned a corner and was COMING STRAIGHT AT ME. I jumped out of the way and it wooshed by. No biggie. I'm a big adventure star, I can do that stuff. *ahemhem*

I walk around to the back, where this open field is basically home to the rest of the coaster (instead of being by the lazy river, like at my GA). I get in line and walk past this desheveled man, not paying much attention. I turn around while walking up the stairs and look back down at the man clad in a brown suit. OMGIT'SREMUS. REMUS! I decide to not ride the ride and just slide down this looooong pole that lands me right next to him. I kinda smile dumbly at him, and I feel my phone vibrating. Well, actually it's lilacwire's phone, and so it's prolly her mom. They're at the gate! Time to pick up my ticket! I walk away from Remus and meet up with her mom, as well as a few new faces.

We stopped in front of a Hot Topic, and jusui, Fundy and the General just POP UP OUT OF NOWHERE. OMGHIGUYS! I'm so happy that they came. Then 2 other people came. One was Petras, and the other was some blond girl that what I would assume was Heather ... if she had gone through some major plastic surgery and had become a cosmetic surgery whore. jusui also had my digicam, and I asked for it back, because I wanted to take a picture with Remus in my UBER FANGIRL COSPLAY HARRY POTTER OUTFIT ... which I just noticed I was wearing. I had on a ravenclaw cloak, a Hufflepuff scarf, a McGonnigal hat, carrying a wand and I was wearing both a Gryffindor and Slytherin tie. And I was waiting for the line at the roller coaster to die down so I could get a clear shot of Remus. And people were staring and pointing at me like "oh, lookit that, she's an HP freak. OMG what a freak! *POINT*" -_-;; I finally get around to grabbing Remus's attention and I shyly ask, "Remus, can I get a picture with you?" and he looks to his agent, a pretty brunette girl in a suit standing next to him. Remus looks ... not very interested, he looks tired. I blink and start to tear up. He just walks away, dissapears into the crowd ...

Then I think I woke up, with the dire need to start working on a few of my finals that are due NEXT WEEK OMG.

Wow ... Rupert needs to STOP SAYING COOL after everything ... everything is so not THAT cool >
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