June 1st, 2004


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nose: kozibot
elbow: kiolzubn hl;fg t
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chin: kolzkib ot5
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wow, it's really too early for me to be dragging my foot across my keyboard ...

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Wow, I had a dream last night that delt with the cal de sac around my house, and these street performers blaring music really early in the morning. And then this girl comes up to me, not too pretty lookin', and says "I hear you're a lesbian ... wanna go out with me for 3 days?" I just sorta stare blankly and walk away. And then I'm drafted into being a secretary or something for this ... wedding announcement service. But it's great, because our annoucements look really pretty, but we have to hand-write all the personalized invitations, and we do it in red thick sharpie markers. Teehee XD

And then at one point, Eddie Murphy makes an appearance and chases me away from the wedding announcement table and into this subway. Now, I've already been to this subway 3 times in my dream, and I know what's going to happen. There's going to be an accident, and the first time it happens, I can't run. I feel like I'm in water, and I just can't run. I'm panicing because I see the lights of the train coming down the stairs, and that's not where a train is suppose to be. I turn and run, and that's when I get hit by the 'train'. But then I jump back to being at home and sneaking around my back yard. And then that whole wedding announcement thing happens ... and I'm chased back into the subway again. But I know not to go in there, so I abruptly stop just before I get to the entrance, where I know I'm killed, and Eddie Murphy keeps going, and then I see the train rush by and get 'im

I'm glad. I don't like Eddie Murphy ... I only like him as Donkey ...
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Quote of the Day

"God, that would suck to have a disease where if you fell down, you died ... " --Eric, talking about a girl we saw walk by wearing an army helmet and the obsurdedy of wearing one.
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How ... wrong is it ... for me to think that the Dan/Emma OMGTHEYHELDHANDS thing is adorably cute? I mean ... c'mon ... they're 15, they've been working together for the past 3 films, they're Brits so they're no Home Alone kid stars ...

And how wrong is it for me to want to see a 2 second clip of the two of them holding hands and being all smiley at each other ...

Dan: Oh, Emma! *a la Kenith Branaugh dramatics*
Emma: Oh, Daniel! *a la ... some flouncy overacting British actress ... uuhh ... Judy Denche ... or however the fuck you spell her name ... sorry Judy, no disrespectin' here!*


Sevvie-poo would not be happy with me right now ... if he wasn't so busy boinkin' his wittle Harry *snrk*

OMG 2 MORE DAAAYYYYZ ... uhhh ... sorta ...

*rolls around in bed, not wanting to work/go to class/eat/move/breathe until June 3rd at midnight*

If there is someone on your friends list you would love to have an epic, sweaty, damn near legendary, 12 hour fuckathon with, post this same exact sentence in your journal.

*cough*snapesdarkling greeksong comixologist monsieurvicky .... *cough*
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