May 31st, 2004


whew ...

Well, I've got boggart!Snape about ... 95% complete. ^_^ I just might wear it to the premier after all! Or if I chicken out, I'll just go with my parachute Hedwig pants and my Sirius shirt. I forgot to bring at least my 'default' Snape outfit :/

I was coming back from the fabric store today, having spent $30 on stuff that should've cost me like, $70 because it was SUPER DEEP DISCOUNT DAY and I just went apeshit XD, and this guy is driving slowly. So ... I pass him ... I'm not going too fast or anything, but I slow down because there's a cop hiding behind some bushes. The guy that I just passed took off to try and pass me back, AND HE GOT CAUGHT BY THE COP. BAHAHA!

And last night, I bet my mum $5 that it wasn't going to be as stormy as she thought it was ... as in hail, power outage, lightning up the wazzoo. And guess what? It rained, few lightning strikes here and there ... I WON THE BET! HAHA! My mum didn't have a $5, all she had was a $10, and I didn't have any change, SO SHE GAVE ME THE WHOLE THING :O teehee, I rule.

And my Snape keychain was left at home ;_; how will I ever survive without it?

Ooh, SHIT! I was going to go to JoAnn's and get more HP fabric and make a pillow for Ronza, the awesome DePaulian that is running the Chicago PoA Line Party deal, and who already bought me my ticket because SHE'S SO SUPER COOL YEAH.

OMG like ... 3 days left O_o; Please, please Mrs. Julie Body, don't get all stressed out over this movie ... just enjoy it for once!
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