May 20th, 2004



So ... yeah. There isn't anything excitting for me to post, now that the costuming rants have been put on hold until October (unless I really decide to shapen up and get working on boggart!Snape before next Friday O_o Can we saaay .. MORE STRESS??)

Well, my sculpture is done, I won't have to work on it Monday morning and get it done. It's a simple design, but it looks like it took time. I'll probably post pictures, if I feel that people like it enough.

The Eurobeat pictures of our little photoshoot have finally surfaced. They are sooooo pretty, amazingly good quality. I'm really happy with them, especially the one of D and Meier both trying to bite Doris ^_^ That's my favorite.

Signed up for next year classes. Here's my schedule, for those that care:
MWF - Food and Culture, 10:50-11:50 | 19th Century Art, 1:10-2:10
MW - Religion and the Visual Arts (WITH YUKI AGAIN! YAY!) 3:30-5:00
TTH - Beginning Photography 1:30-4:30

the schedule may change. I'm not sure I want to take this art history class, and I'm not sure if I can pass my current art history class :/

We had some awesome major storm rip through here. It killed the lights on the bridge, but it looks like the stop lights are back in business.

So yeah ... that's that ... *huff*

I need to make a few Meier icons ...
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