May 10th, 2004


Because I'm just wierd like that ...

I've decided that Sunday of ACen will be my anti-anime/manga/jrock/video game cosplay

What is the anti-anime/manga/jrock/video game cosplay you ask? Well, it's simple really.

I'm going to take bits and pieces from other costumes that would regularly not be allowed in the ACen Masquerade. This is what I have so far: My Jack Sparrow wig, my Gryffindor scarf, my 'Matrix' trench coat, my 2 SG-1 patches will go on the trench coat, the One Ring (from Ashley's LotR Monopoly game), a toy lightsaber, Ren Faire gloves ... and I'm still not sure what shirt to wear.

What fandoms am I missing, besides Star Trek and Furries? Oh! BUFFY! OMG YES!

cali_gari, do you have a Buffy shirt I can wear? Or an Angel shirt? Or a Spike shirt? :D

This is going to be one fun ACen Sunday :D

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The Giant Indiana Jones rolling stone of DOOM has been set into motion ... and it won't stop until Sunday ...

I brought my car, it's in Lincoln Park, because trying to find parking in the Loop is utter madness. You can spend easily $50 for one night in a garage. So I parked it up north at my LP Campus, free parking on the streets, it's all good.

Jen needs to be OUT of her dorm by 9 am on Friday, which means I'll have to DRIVE into the city, load up my car with everything, DRIVE back to LPC to leave my car in free parking again, and then Friday I'm going to leave at around 8 am to get my car from LPC and bring it into the city, or drag everyone on the L with me instead of driving back into the city, and then we're OFF.

I'm hoping that having a car will be a much better thing than taking the L to the hotel this year. Besides, Jen's *HOPEFULLY* going to get her sword, and she can't take that on the L at all. It would be confiscated. So another reason why having the car is a good thing.

Meier is getting closer. One sleeve is on, and I realized the buttons look SO wrong on the side that they are on, and I don't really know how I'm going to remedy that >< I'm also thinking about ripping/cutting the interfacing out of the jacket sleeves, because they seem waaay too stiff. The fake shirt front has embroidery on it, nice golden diamonds! Wee!

I had a dream, and Ryan in his Link costume was in it :D But it was like ... we were in school, and then there's ... Link, standing there with his sword and shield ... I think maybe he was protecting the hallways or something?
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