May 4th, 2004


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Wow, what a horrible nights sleep. I went to bed at 1:30-ish, and then woke up, thinking it was so late ... and it was only 2:30. Couldn't get back to sleep until 6:30, woke up again at 8:25. I felt nauseated. I feel dirty. I feel like I'm going to break down. I don't understand it. I need something that lifts me up instead of brings me down. I need one good massive all out sobbing cry to get out of my system.

ACen is not going to be fun for me any more. I can just feel it. Jen and I had a long talk last night, in how Melty has changed her as a person. And I felt sorry for her. She's reverting back to the way she was before I knew her. Shy, scared of people. She's dreding ACen because of what people will think of her. She doesn't want to make a bad impression, and I totally understand that. But as of right now, she thinks everyone is out to harm her and doesn't feel comfortable, especially the people she knows and is friends with. She could care less about Melty talking about her behind her back, but she's scared that her other good friends are talking about her behind her back. I really hope she doesn't think I am. I would never do that to her. I hope she knows that.

ACen is suppose to be that one moment all year round that I'm waiting for. I don't know if I want it to come any more ...
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Meet Your Inner Vampire by efui
Your name :
Age :400
Weaknesses :You cannot enter a home unless invited in.
Special powers :You don't forget, and can access anything you have ever seen, heard, thought etc. when you want to.
Place of residence :A small apartment in a big city full of life.
Feeding habits :You love playing with your victims, haunting them, scaring them, making them scream in terror.
Appearance :Short, red and spiky hair, simple black clothing, a scar on your forehead.
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BWAHAHA! I'm Harry Potter!Vampire XDDDD

God, I never thought about that ... but that could possibly be hawtness ... that would explain his angst levels in the 5th book ... mebee ... e.e;;

You're Egypt!

Curator of ancient mystical secrets, your life on the surface is fairly
typical these days.  Though you are in denial about more things than most people.
 Nevertheless, you're trying to convince people that you're safe despite your more
volatile and unstable times that seem to be behind you.  You like cats a whole lot.
 You'd probably really appreciate The Blue

the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

Awesome, I love Egypt

Your Go at Becoming the American Idol! by arkadyfolkner
Your Name
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What Randy SaidI wasn't feeling it dawg.
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I took the most accurate villain personality test

created by:
The Arch Villainess Gracie

and because I wanted to try the male one ...

I took the most accurate villain personality test

created by:
The Arch Villainess Gracie




You haven't informed me of your plane arrival/departure dates yet. I kinda need to know soon-ish. I've got a horribly complicated plan afoot in the next 2 weeks, involving car getting, food snatching, Jen moving out, and, oh yeah, ACen.

Gimmy a call! I've only got class until 4:30 (my time) today, then I'm off to work at Jen's for as long as I can on finishing Meier up.

Fuck, I wish they made high powered motivation pills ...

Or ... costumes make them selves pills ...
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Dear GOD


Breath In DJ Encore Mix is fucking good ...or maybe, it's once again, my complete lack of listening to anything new for the past month that has made me like just about anything that I actually get around to listening ...

And both times, it's been because of layha's videos ... strange?

I think not ...
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