May 1st, 2004


Phew ...

Well, I got over to Ryans at about .. oh, maybe 2-ish. They showed me the place, the building they're in is FUCKING AWESOME. It's so gorgeous! The lobby is like a hotel, the rooms are even like hotels. I hope Jen and I will live there next year. Ryan and Barb say that would be the awesome-est. And I agree.

So, I worked on making biiiig ass Vivi from FF pants for Barb, embroidered stripes, sewed it together, and wee! Then I did 4 pairs of songstress Yuna arm guards.

I also have a surprise for Ann! I'm going to make her Tsukasa from .hack because Barb is making one, and said she would cut two! YAY! I need to un-suspiciously ask Ann for her wig, so I can get a tutorial in wig styling from Barb.

I'm going back to work today, possibly to finish the Vivi pants and do more stuff, and then work on Tsukasa super fast. I think I want to show Barb the International Beading co. and I. Saach's today, if she and Ryan feel like leaving the apaato to venture out into the world that isn't Cosplay Land XD

Maaaan, if Ryan got me SICK, I'm gonna KICK his ASS!

Oh, and sorry to those friends pages that I messed up on my last post ... e.e;;
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