April 30th, 2004


Late night Meier update # .... whatever

Got everything that needed to be interfaced, interfaced. Kept getting interrupted by roommate phonecalls. Helped Jen make her cuffs waaaay better. Embroidered the inner armor. Jen's iron has a lot of gunk on it, so it made it kinda dirty >< and sticky. But that's ok, it's going under the cape, no one will see it. Took about an hour to make button holes on my cape, when it should've taken about 20 minutes. Fixed the chain on the cape, it looks fucking awesome now. Figured my armor would've looked better with embroidery instead of paint, but it's too late now -____- If I get really ambitious, just *maybe* I'll take it apart and re-do it. Figured out I lost the zipper I was going to use for the coat, need to get a new one. Need more piping, AGAIN. Work with limebarb tomorrow, yay.

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Here I am, up at the buttcrack of dawn, and god did I have a wacky night.

Drempt that I woke up in real time (y'know, like when you wake up in your dream and you're in your bed and stuff ... ) and realized it was Friday. Friday ... FRIDAY! It's ACen day! And Kaede hasn't even called me to tell me when her flight it! Aaah!

Oh ... wait ... we still have 2 more weeks ... 2 MORE WEEKS?! AAAH!

Then there was some stuff in there where I was making me and my roommate's beds, and found a runner jacket under my sheets. Uhmmmm ...

Mad Mad House finale last night. Grrr, Eric is so annoying, I just want to kick his face in. I'm glad he didn't win. But I wish Nicole would've won, just to see the pissed look on Eric's face *smirk*. I hope they do more seasons of this show! It was waaay too short. Only like, 9 episodes! WTF mates? STOP USING ! DAMNIT! !!!!!!!11one

*sigh* Lots to do today. I'm wondering if I should bring my Meier coat with me to Ryans. I could work on it there ... maybe I'll bring the sleeves, or something. Or maybe the wig, and they can give me better pointers on styling it?

Phew, I gotta shower. I smell >P
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Hey, my friends ... who wants to help me?

Y'see, I can't reach Jen. She and I need to go to Ryan's, but her cel phone is off, and her phone is disconnected. She could be dead for all I know, I just need to know if she's not coming to Ryans.

If anyone of my friends live in the SAIC State building dorms, go knock on room #1423 REALLY REALLY loud to rouse my friend.

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Yellowcard's video Ocean Avenue is such a total rip off of Run Lola Run, it makes me vomit a little.

Jen didn't get to sleep until 4 am, so she's not going. Now I feel wierd going to Ryan's by myself. I don't even know if I want to go now. I called the Depot to tell them I wasn't coming, just so I could help limebarb.

GRAAAAAH! I have no TIME to be not productive, but I can't work on it until Sunday, when Jen gets back from the burbs, or when Ann returns from visiting her birth parents ...


I'm hungry too, goddamnit.

Holy shit, Brittney Spears dies in her video. AWESOME. And dear GOD my roommate looks like her >O that's frightening.

Fuckin Mtv. Fuckin unmotivational skills.

Edit: LOL, sorry for the friends list warp-age dewds XD
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