April 28th, 2004


You *know* you're obsessed with blogging ...

when you know you're far too fucking tired to type, and yet you just HAVE to post something before you collapse in bed.

Jen is now 99% done with D. The hat pin and skull belt buckle are all that need to be done. I helped her work on the hat today, it looks spiffay. Took many many pics, including a few not quit so D-like pictures :D Fun fun times.

As for me, thank you to the few and proud that called to get me motivated. Ryan was such an amazing help, he got me really motivated. Ash, thanks for the message. You helped after I'd been working for a long time and was thinking about giving up for the night.

So, what did I do? I worked out the main part of the coat in musslin, cut it out of the coat fabric, cut out the armor bits and began ironing interfacing to some of it. I was helping Jen a lot of the time, so I was being productive.

I also drew a rather half-arsed picture that I want to be my first post in Go-Gaia for the Trigun competition. So far, the things that people have put up have been very very ... marginal. I've got more original ideas, so I'm going to try for that. Ann gave me a hocky mask that she found on Gaia too. Now, my dude looks like a yellow-eyed Snape wearing boxers and a hockey mask XD You can tell I haven't gotten any gold ... at all ... *sigh*

Alright, off ta bed. More working tomorrow! Yay!
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