April 25th, 2004



Oh man ... toshimasa, did you call me last night? I think it's you, I don't have the number, just a lovely drunken message. There's nothing quite as fun as getting drunken messages from people ^_^

I should start giving them out ... that is if I ever wanted to get drunk enough ... stoned on the other hand, that I wouldn't mind ... *sigh*

I found out yesterday that Ann wears about the same size bra as Kaede, so I'm going to have her try on this one I was going to use for Doris to see if it would look wierd. I have a feeling it *might* work. Well, thanks to Wolf's Rain, and us forgetting to get Ann's lining fabric for her cape, and me being a dumbass with Jen's pattern, Ann's cape didn't quite turn out the way I wanted. It's too tight around the shoulders, and I'm just HOPING we have enough fabric to make a second one. If not, we'll just have to go with this one :/ I feel bad! I want it to be good, I don't want Ann to just like the piece of crap that I pulled out of my arse, because she can be like that. Even if it's not perfect, she'll still like it. And I am a perfectionist *nod*

And Ann is going to D&D tonight *sigh*

Oh! But good news! ...

I cut out the muslin to begin working on the shape of my coat! :D it's a start I say! *does a dance*
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