April 23rd, 2004


Worst ACen dream yet ...

So, like ... my parents decided to come to ACen, right? They said they would pay for the hotel, they wanted to see what it is that I like to do at these cons. It was Thursday night, and Jen and I were walking around the hotel. Well, we wanted to head to the room, so I asked my dad for his credit card, so we could go pick up the room keys. And he said no. I said I wanted to get the room now, and I needed his CC to confirm that it was our room, and he said "No, you guys don't need to go to the room. This is a vacation! Let's go out instead!" but I was like "No! I want to get in costume and walk around and SCARE people!" I stomped away, really angry at them, and headed up to the room, even though I couldn't get in it. Jen told me that some janitors came buy with our luggage and tossed it in the room, but locked it, so we didn't have our luggage.

Then I remembered that I forgot Gekka Kozi all together, but I remembered I had a car, so I could go get it. So, Jen and I walked around the hotel, and Jen finds this ... ledge that's a good 7 stories off the ground. She gets up on it and is like "Hey! I want to fly!" and before I can catch her, she jumps off the ledge ... and dissapears.

I think nothing of it, and leave. Somehow, it's Friday, there are a lot more people, and I start looking for lilacwire while eatting a big pizza by myself, sitting in the lobby, watching CNN news ... or something. She comes by in this ... really gorgeous original Mana outfit. It's a baby blue fitted trench coat with white bias trim all over it, white gloves, and a pretty baby blue hat. Oh, she was so pretty! I realized that we were suppose to go eat at Ventana's and I had spoiled my appetite for that expensive food.

And then, Jen suddenly reappears to tell me that my parents got the room keys and opened the room, and Jen was in her D costume. And I was like "Hey! That's not until tomorrow!" and she shrugged and walked away.

*shudder* Today's mission: Get working on coat! Tomorrow's mission: go fabric shopping! Make old skool D poncho! Start Realm! Worry about Doris!

*sigh* that's s'much, Mr. No-sleep -_-
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