April 12th, 2004


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Saw Hellboy and Starsky and Hutch this weekend. Both movies were good. Hellboy got wierd at the end, but you know me ... if there's action in it, I don't care much for plot. I like movies with CG stuff (not too much CG stuff, plzkthnx LUCAS).

Starsky and Hutch was funny. I *heart* Owen and Ben.

My computer won't recognize my camera, so I am le angry. I tried for an hour to get it to work and it just wouldn't find it! I needed to DL about 46 updates for XP. It's the whole reason why my computer is acting so shit-tastic lately. I also need a new monitor. And more RAM, and more gigs, and more pr0n.

My wig hasn't come yet, I hope it does come by tonight.

Oh yeah, I got my kick arse Sirius Black Azkaban Prison inmate shirt this weekend at Hot Topic. I've been wearing it for 2 days straight, I *heart* it soo muchly.

Wow, Frank Lloyd Wright is an ugly son ofa bitch .... O_o

I got almost no sleep last night. I have no idea why. It might've been the few drinks I had before bed. But usually when I drink, I get tired anyways. So I don't know why I couldn't sleep.

Oh yes, ACen swimming is going to possibly be this Thursday. It's the only time I have to go swimming because it's the only day I don't have night class.

I began to read an RP that Fi and I had done a while ago. werewolf!Remsxvamp!Sev. I happen to just love that pairing, and having found that fic, it has rekindled that desire once more. Too bad I'm ... not liked by many RPers ... :/

Frank Lloyd Wright? Melodramatic? Naaaah ...
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